Integrity Payment Systems Integrity Payment Systems processes credit card transactions for Salons across the U.S., as well as for several large Redken Salon Product Distributors, stores, schools and various Salon-related companies.
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Salon and Spa Point of Sale Systems that Protect

Did you know that according to Payment Card Industry (PCI) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is your responsibility to protect the information that is on the magnetic strip of your customers’ credit card at and after the point of sale.  Protecting sensitive customer information as well as your money is critical.  It goes far beyond what a credit card terminal or salon or spa point of sale software can be programmed to do.  In recent years, as reported in The Wall Street Journal and countless other publications, thousands of merchants have experienced security breaches that resulted in severe fines and losses.

You should also know that Visa recognized Integrity Payment Systems by ranking it #2 in the world for protecting their customers against retail fraud losses.

If you have a salon or spa business, consider the additional safety Integrity Payment Systems salon and spa point of sale software can add to your business.

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