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8 Tips to Turn Walk-Ins Into Loyal Customers

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8 Tips to Turn Walk-Ins Into Loyal Customers | IPS

Walk-ins are highly valuable to your salon. The problem is, if those potential customers walk back out and never return, you’ve lost out on future profits. So what can you do to improve the chances that those prospects you’re attracting off the street will want to keep coming back, week after week, month after month, for many years to come? Here are 8 simple yet effective strategies that will improve customer retention, ensuring repeat business and ongoing profitability for your salon.

Provide exceptional service. According to a Salesforce study, 81% of consumers say they’re more likely to become repeat customers after they’ve received good service. If you wow your walk-ins the first time around, they’ll provide you a chance to do it again.

Offer a variety. If you only offer a handful of services, your walk-ins might keep on walking. Give them plenty of reasons to choose you over the competition by becoming their one-stop-shop for everything beauty related.

Start a loyalty program. Offering  a sale on a particular service today won’t necessarily bring you repeat business tomorrow. Creating a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers for coming back, on the other hand, will.

Always follow up. Don’t just expect your walk-in customers to remember your salon. Make a proactive effort to stay at the top of their minds by following up and staying in touch. Email newsletters that offer exclusive promotions are great for this.

Deliver convenience. There are a remarkable number of salons that are still cash-only operations. Most modern consumers will find this to be incredibly inconvenient. Something as simple as credit card processing for salons can be enough to win over your prospects and keep them coming back.

Offer perks. Imagine walking in off the street on a sweltering hot summer day to a salon that offers complimentary ice-cold beverages, or being able to surf the web on your smartphone as you wait, thanks to free WiFi. Little perks like this can make a big impact on new customers.

Encourage booking ahead. One of the simplest techniques for how to retain customers in the salon industry is to simply get your walk-ins to commit to a future appointment. Furthermore, creating a sense of urgency by telling them how quickly you’re booking up can help seal the deal.

Connect socially. These days it seems like everybody has an account on Facebook or Twitter. Social media has become a way of life. For businesses, it’s a powerful tool for connecting with, establishing and fostering relationships with customers. Encourage walk-ins to connect with your salon socially. Sweeten the pot with the offer of exclusive discounts and future deals only for your fans and followers.

You’ve done all the hard work to get people into your salon. The next step is turning them into repeat customers. Applying one or more of the above tactics can help you do just that. As a result, your salon will experience continued growth and ongoing success.

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