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10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Busy During the January Slump

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10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Busy During the January Slump

January can be a rough time for most businesses. The rush of spending for the holiday season is over and people are looking to save money, pay off debts, and hunker down for the winter. So what can you do to boost sales during the slowest time of the year? Check out these 10 ways to keep your salon busy:

  1. Build a promotional calendar – one of the best things you can do for your salon is to plan for slower months in advance.  Building a promotional calendar ahead of time will save you from scrambling once the holidays are over and business begins to decline.
  2. Offer a great discount – Offering up something special is an easy way to get people to take notice your salon and it also increases traffic with people looking to take advantage of a deal. Whether it’s a discount on rarely-marked-down merchandise or service, you can reap the benefits of new clientele year round.
  3. Host a contest – Whether in-store or online, a contest brings out the competitive nature in people and gives current customers and new clients something to talk about.  Get creative – a simple enter to win is easy, or try for something a bit more fun such as a social media hashtag or tag a friend in a photo.
  4. Bring a friend – Offer a promotion allowing a current client the ability to bring in a friend and receive a discount off a service.  
  5. Gift card offer – This is the best offer to take advantage of during December while people are looking to purchase gifts for the holidays. With every card purchased over a certain amount, offer an additional gift card of equal or lesser value that expires at the end of January. Customers can use it themselves, giving them a reason to come in during the next month or they can gift them, enticing the recipient to take advantage of the deal.  
  6. Network with area business an owner – Getting to know area businesses is a great way to build comradery and opens the door to build deals that incorporate several other area store-fronts in addition to yours.
  7. Focus on technology – website, mobile, social – This day and age, your website is the face of your brand. If your website is lackluster or not a mobile-friendly , you could be losing valuable business during your slower months. Update your website ahead of time to encourage new clients to consider your salon.
  8. Build your online reviews – In addition to ensuring your website is up to par, focus on building your online reviews. Asking your current clients to provide their feedback online will boost your SEO and assist potential new clients in selecting your salon for their next service.
  9. Provide excellent customer service – Great word of mouth is the single most effective way in building a larger circle of clients.  Be sure to offer the best service you possibly can from the moment your customers walk in. This includes all aspects of their experience, from providing an excellent cut, color, or style to seamless checkout using easy credit card processing for salons.
  10. E-card offers – Send out a holiday e-card to your clients notifying them of an exclusive offer. Not only will they appreciate the sentiment, but the offer may help encourage them to book after the holidays are over.

Keeping your salon busy through the slower months can be difficult, but planning ahead of time, offering up some exclusive January discounts, and ensuring your salon’s online presence is efficient is key. Continuing to actively grow your business means continuing to market it, even during slower months. Don’t forget, new clients who make appointments during the January slump can turn into long-term patrons for years to come.

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